Clothes for My Doll


Virtual design studio for your Doll.
Make your Doll look nice!

Welcome to the world of style and fashion, where you can be a very own designer and stylist for your favorite Doll! Have you ever thought that cutting out a dress or a coat is a very difficult process? This program will change your mind. To renew your favorite Doll's clothes, use "computer wardrobe", which contains dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses, fur-coats, hats, shoes and much more. You can try on any model, choose its color and print its patterns. The last step is to cut them out with scissors. You will also get the detailed instructions on how to sew the model. You can also print the Doll, having dressed up in the clothes you like, and play with it. If you already have your favorite Doll, this program allows you to create new clothes specially for her, you just need to take your Doll's measurements and the program will adjust the patterns. The combination of great graphics and music make this game fun to play.


      What's special about this product?

1.  Eight categories of clothes and accessories to chose from.
2.  Ability to view patterns with descriptions on how to sew the      model.
3.  Option to chose the fabric design.
4.  Automatic adjustment of the patterns to your Doll's      measurements.
5.  Learn how to sew any model from the wardrobe, using detailed      instructions.
6.  Option to save your work and return to the models you like       afterwards.
7.  Great graphics and music accompaniment.