I-Coloring Book

Web Site coloring game.
Increase traffic on your Web Site!

"Color Me!" is a coloring book application that's programmed in Java. While it will run on any local system with a Java-enabled browser, it might make a unique attraction to your Website. It offers 20 colors, an eraser tool, and an Undo command. "Color Me!" comes with 15 images to color, along with a very handy utility that converts any standard color .bmp file into black-and-white outlines in .gif format. Select the picture you want to color, then click the colors onto the picture any way you like. Then, of course, you may print your completed picture when you have finished coloring it the way you like!


      What's special about this product?

1.  15 images to color.
2.  20 color options.
3.  Eraser tool and Undo command.
4.  Converting utility from standard color into black-and-white
5.  ... lots of fun.