e-pic Studio Line


e-pic Studio Line is a new line of digital imaging products that covers the whole range of utilities to make life easier for digital camera owners. Whether they want to modify their photos, organize them, print them or use the photos for arts & crafts projects, we have the software to make their life easy - very easy. Main products in this line are:

Digital Darkroom - POWERFUL image editor included with each product of the line that allows you to change colors, cut, filter, collage, morph, goo your photos ....

Web Generator - organize your photos in online/offline albums; includes Java slide show, coloring book ...

Print Generator - will print ANYTHING - as opposed to competing products, the focus here is on the specific print job instead of the photo.
Specific extracted versions of this are:

Coloring Book Generator
create coloring book images from photos
Cartoon Generator
turn your photos into cartoon images and combine them with other cartoons
Paint-By-Numbers Generator  - prepares a paint-by-numbers template from your photo
Patchwork Generator  - creates various patchwork designs including one from your own photos
Origami Generator  - select and decorate origami designs for printing
Business Printing - business cards, stationery of all kinds, labels, bank forms, bar codes, adverts ...
Media Printing - CD labels, Mini CD labels, cassette labels ...
General Printing - greeting cards, labels, postcards, stickers ...

Other supported supplies include:

Bottle labels, calendars, clocks, gift boxes, key chain inlays, mouse pads, photo print paper - all sizes and manufacturers, A2 printing, banners, tattoos, t-shirts, game boards, playing cards, puzzles, memory playing pieces ...

Game Generator

Users create games using their own photos. The games can then be passed on to friends and family for free (non-commercial use). Multi-player games can be played peer-to-peer over the Internet and support chat and file exchange while playing.

  Download sample games from http://www.dedicate.mdart.com/games/
Casino Game Generator: - Poker, Slots, Black Jack, Backgammon
Single Player Games: - Mah Jong, Break-Out, Memory, Packman, Solitaire
Multi-Player Games: - Memory, 4 wins, Mah Jong, Poker, Black Jack, Backgammon

In Fall COPY GENERATOR - SCREEN SAVER GENERATOR will become available.

All elements of the individual product can be changed and combined with each other. The products are available for various licensing needs. Media Art can provide just the right features and functionality and create an interface that matches the customer's look & feel. Even OEM, Premium, Bundle and Demo versions can be customized to suit a publisher's requirements.