Hacker Hunter


The task of the game is easy: find a hacker, trace him and earn money! More hackers you trace - more money you earn, more important tasks you get!


The game consists of three stages. At the first stage you receive faxes and you choose which to accept and which to reject. Since you’ve just started the game as an ordinary programmer, who sits at home and works at his old computer, you receive offers from small companies which can’t offer you big money for your work. But still some of them offer more money than the others, so everything depends on your choice.



   You've accepted the offer and now it’s time to pass on to the next stage of the game. Here you have to use your brains.The company allows you to access their server so you can find the hacker. There are 4 criteria by which you can find him. If somebody:
1) Logged in twice
2) Picking password
3) Entered in illegal time
4) Violates data access
5) Changes unpermitted data


The program can simplify your task a little bit when you activate (make it automatic) criteria by which hacker can be found. But you can not possibly activate all the criteria as you will overload the server and loose your job.


When you have found somebody who you think can be a hacker you press the button TRACE.


You’ll find yourself in wires through which goes the information in the server. You need to be quick enough not to loose him.



If you managed to catch him your room in which you work turns into the nice office.



More hackers you trace, more money you earn. As you become famous, big companies turn to you. Good luck!