Mega Pilot


"MegaPilot" brings the whole Internet to the 3-dimensional space, and gives users opportunity to travel through free space of WWW. MP converts ordinary IP address into 3D coordinates of our Universe. Every separate net is shown as a space station with model according to the domain type (.com, .net, .org, etc.). This is completely new look and completely new presentation of World Wide Web.



Select the way you want to look like in Internet. From now on you can have a look at web sites and other users not only from inside, but from outside also! This look is even more important when you surf the net. Looking at the web site from outside you can decide if you want to go inside. Now you can meet your friends and family on-line and while chating with your buddies you can actually see them.



Your opportunities and range of activities which you can do in this 3D world of Internet have no limits. You can chat with your friends, play games together, share and exchange files and make group visits to the sites you like!


It’s a brand new world out there!

SO, stay aboard with us!

And we’ll take you far away to a brand new world!