3D Sea Battle


An oldie in a new 3D animated format.

Blow up enemy ships with Sea Battle, a 3D shooting game between modern military ships, an expanded and more complicated version of the classic game Battleship. It allows you to play against
not only your PC, but any other player online (Zmodem, LAN, Internet) as well. Pick from your ships' weapons and find your enemy's ships,by taking shots at the grid - where hits and misses are marked. The graphics are good, but it's the sounds that really grab your attention. The combination of sound and graphics, plus the selection of weapons, make this game fun to play. Sea Battle will appeal to Battleship fans and general game players alike.


      What's special about this product?

1.  5 types of weapons.
2.  4 types of ships.
3.  Weapon restoration ability.
4.  Submarine for spying on enemy.
5.  Great sound and grafics.
6.  ... and a lot of fun.