Application to select and model hairstyles. How would you look like with one of more than 500 new hairstyles?

Hairstyle is a very important part of the image. It can underline specific traits of character and level out physical scarcities. Those are right who think that image begins with a hairstyle.
Thoughts about changing the hairstyle or maybe its color come to our mind pretty often, especially for women (everyone knows they like diversity). But sometimes it's not that easy to take such a big step. What if your close friend wouldn't like it or even you wouldn't like it! This program helps you to avoid disappointing mistakes and satisfy the fantasy of the most fashionable client.
This program can help quickly select the hairstyle that would satisfy client's requirements considering his/her face form, type of the hair and the style he/she wants. On your computer screen you can see the process of selection and modeling hairstyle which is a creative and pleasant process. You can load an initial portrait from four different sources: the digital camera or video-camera connected to your computer, clipboard, or bmp. file. The result of your work can be printed or saved on a disk in bmp. format. A large library of hairstyles with an ability of reinforcement and unique functional possibilities (dying, highlighting, changing form of hairstyle, its length, and much more) make this product a professional tool for creating new images.
The program is a very easy to use. It supplied with detailed information and help system ( with educational examples!). All these factors help you to get familiar with this program very fast even if you are a beginner. Try yourself in a role of professional hairdresser!


      What's special about this product?

1. Selection and modeling hairstyles for men, women and kids.
2. Library of hairstyles with more than 500 (with a possibility of mirror view for every hairstyle).
3. Variants for hairstyle selection ( hair type ,hair length, style, face form).
4. Color palettes for dyeing (could be modified).
5. Unique graphic tools for editing hairstyles.
6. Printing options (from one to four number of portraits).
7. ... and much more.