Virtual Visage Studio


Application for creating new virtual images. Make Your Image by Yourself!

Do you remember how Cinderella turned into the Princess? This program allows you to reach the same result without spending non a bit of expensive make-up or substantial amount of money for designer's glasses or visit to hair-stylist and visagist. The powerful set of tools lets you reach the most incredible results.
You can load an initial portrait from four sources: TWAIN equipment (digital camera, video-camera, scanner), clipboard, file in graphic format or our portrait library. At any moment you can save edited portrait, copy it to the clipboard, print it using a customized printing layout (from one to four portraits on the page and the choice of mirror view), or send it via email to your friend or relative.
The great set of tools for working with colors allows you to reach natural tints, eliminate any defects or shadows. At your disposal are the following virtual make-up elements: Rouge, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner Pencil, Brow Liner Pencil, Lip Liner Pencil, Lipstick, Mascara. Moreover you can select a new hairstyle from our database. And this is not all - for the final touch you can try on a pair of glasses or contact lenses.
The technology is quite simple, but at the same time it is very well thought-out: each element of image correction takes its layer on the desk top and can be corrected not depending on other layers. It is possible to change the layer's transparency, color, size, form and position in relation to other layers.
A huge attention has been paid to the convenience of working with the program. Background music and original interface (a few variants for your choice) make working with this application an interesting and pleasant experience. Detailed help and tips system (for the beginners) allow any user to get familiar with the program very quickly.


      What's special about this product?

1. Ten elements of virtual image.
2. Import graphics - JPEG, GIF, BMP file format.
3. Export your creation to other applications.
4. Send your creation via e-mail directly from the program.
5. Powerful tools for portrait editing.
6. ... and a lot of fun.