Virtual Make-Over Engine 3.x


Functions & Features


Preview any image from the file browse window


  Direct Internet access from
  within the product.



Download new elements:

  • templates

  • ready solutions
  • messages,
  • interfaces,
  • filters and queries.

  Upload images and self-created
  templates to the Internet


Download other users work sessions from the gallery on the Internet

Create your own eCard:

  Merge image with background and
  send as email.



A nicer picture makes for better images:

Change Hue, Saturation, Brightnees & Contrast of any image, to create a more pleasing result.

Filters will make this process automatic.


  Move any design element (wether
  image or template) to the front or

  Users portrait (image) can be
  replaced while leaving the make-over


New MASKING Function & Technology:

  The new masking technology developed by Madia Art
  (see middle picture) widens the use of the products

  • Create and select up to 8 masks
  • Individually change masks properties (color, hue, brightness etc.)
  • Change original hair color
  • work on 3/4 and 1/2 portraits.
  • Create your own templates (hair styles, lips etc.)
  • Mask & Cut image and paste to new background
  • many more uses

Queries & Tricks

Pre-defined queries help determine the users preferences and pre-set the material according to the setting, eg. Season Type or user-defined.

The multimedia trick section will explain in words, images and video the special techniques used to achieve the best result.





Body Painting and

Virtual Tattoos


Shopping List of items used and

retailer contact information.

  All templates can be linked to off-line (CD-ROM) or on-line
  (Internet) HTML product descriptions, e-commerce solutions
  and much, much more.