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European Access was founded in 1990 to assist European and American publishers in acquiring new and innovative products for their various local sales channels. Offices are located in San Francisco and Cologne, Germany. In order for publishers to effectively penetrate these markets, European Access coordinates all licensing and distribution activities with the republishers and acts as a clearing house for prospective products. The main focus is placement in the retail channels including mass merchants, book stores, cash and carry markets, audio outlets and independent computer stores. Placement in OEM channels is also available.

As General Manager, Mark Carrow has extensive experience in the field of International software distribution, licensing and retail product placement. During his nine years as International Sales Director for Compton's New Media, he successfully established a global distribution network for Reference, Educational and Entertainment titles that experienced a 100% growth pattern annually. He has taken a number of US titles and positioned them in the worldwide market accommodating both cultural and economic considerations. The European Access program is a natural extension for his abilities and expertise. Mark recently focusses on vertical b2b opportunities and is available for in house counseling only.

Consumer software licensing is mostly handled by the European office. International Sales Manager, Thomas Gaida has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of sales and distribution channels. His experience working with Software Resource GmbH and BMG Deutschland has provided him with valuable experience placing software products for a variety of categories including entertainment, education, edutainment, productivity and utilities into a wide expanse of retail and specialty outlets.
The German office recently added a localization service available to third parties also.

Placement service is available for the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Benelux, and Scandinavia, as well as major distributors and re-publishers in Brazil, Australia and Asia. In those markets where localization is necessary, licensing arrangements can be made with major European re-publishers to ensure that products are brought to market in the local language.
European Access currently represented many US, European, and world-wide publishers including Terabyte Interactive, Houghton-Mifflin Interactive, Gradient Software, Heureka-Klett, Xoom Interactive, Sausage Software, Auraline (NEC), ZOI, Actual Entertainment, bhv Verlag GmbH and many others.

European Access decided to focus on a strategic partnership with Media Art, Inc. The products from Media Art differentiate between technology and content. The software engines developed by Media Art are of the highest quality. Content can be matched to any corporate identity and/or brand. Interface, skins and other product elements can be specifically tailored to the partners requirements. European Access can now sell technology instead of just product. This requires however to widen the scope of our operation to new partners outside of our industry.
Due to our extensive reach into the publishing and development community, we will continue to act as match-maker for the best consumer software available worldwide.

By choosing European Access as your vehicle for International distribution and licensing you will receive the benefits of years of knowledge, industry connections and the dedication necessary to successfully promote your products in a fragmented and rapidly growing market. For more information on how you can participate in these exciting programs please Thomas Gaida.

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  • International OEM-Software Licensing
  • International Consumer Software Consulting
  • Product Placement worldwide
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European Access, Inc. is an agent for consumer software publishers, who would like to license their products to publishers and OEM-partners in other countries. With offices in San Francisco (U.S.A.) and Cologne (Germany) European Access is able to service its accounts within reasonable hours and in a position to visit partners at short notice.